English singer Robbie Williams plans to get another tattoo

It’s been less than a year since,The  English singer Robbie Williams wed his gorgeous American actress girlfriend Ayda Field, yet the Take That star has already managed to lose his wedding ring. But don’t panic just yet, Robbie has a cunning plan up his sleeve… He plans to get a tattoo on his ring finger to replace the real thing.

It wouldn’t be the first tattoo for Rob, who was recently hospitalised after a bad bout of food poisoning on tour with Take That.According to the singer, he ate a “dodgy” lobster that made him violently sick. Poor Robbie called the episode “a thoroughly unpleasant experience”, which led him and the group to pull out of a performance in Copenhagen, Denmark, two weeks ago.

The Angels singer recovered soon after, describing the weight he lost as an “unexpected bonus” of being ill. Take That, who had never cancelled a gig in all their 20 years of performing, returned to the stage on 18 July to entertain crowds at the Amsterdam Arena. Now that he’s back on his feet, Robbie is keen to add the 14 tattoos that already cover his body. The singer discussed the benefits of body art: saying, “Can’t lose a tattoo, barring some very unfortunate incident.” 
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