American comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s Telluride Home Up For Sale

American stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld has put one of his homes up for sale an 11 bedroom, 14 bedroom palace in ski haven Telluride, Colorado.The titular Seinfeld character who still made hundreds of millions of dollars from the TV classic as recently as 2008- is hanging on to fancier properties in Manhattan and the Hamptons. The latter houses a full-size baseball field and ostensibly, Seinfeld’s sizable car collection. The 26-acre Telluride property Seinfeld is offloading is no shack either, at 14,000 square feet and close to the Telluride Ski Resort.

However, BI points out that one set of interested parties may wish to take care in a Seinfeld real estate deal potential brokers citing a 2005 real estate related lawsuit.Seinfelds hired a real estate broker to assist them with a home purchase. However, Seinfeld located the Manhattan townhouse and desired to view the property when the broker wasn’t available. The couple struck up a deal with the homeowner and purchased the property without paying commission to their broker,The Seinfeld lawyers debated that compensation would be rendered for time spent but stressed commission was unacceptable since the broker did not actually make the sale. The court ruled in favor of the broker and awarded $98,750 for commission on the property.
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