Vidya’s father knew The Dirty Picture would be a hit

Vidya Balan’s father  P.R. Balan, says he was quite impressed with his daughter’s performance in The Dirty Picture and feels she is a born actress.Balan’s father, said: “I sent her the message on 26 November, 2011, ‘bold and beautiful, fantastic, you are a born actress. An actor par excellence. I am proud of you I did not find anything vulgar in The Dirty Picture.”Released last year, The Dirty Picture was an unofficial biopic of southern sex symbol Silk Smitha. Balan played the lead role. Both critics and audiences liked it.Balan’s father said he knew the film would be a super hit.

No junk food for Jessica Simpson

Singer Jessica Simpson, who recently gave birth to her first child, has vowed not to eat junk food.“She’s breastfeeding Max and wants her to get the best nutrition,”. “She has to cut down on fast food. Besides, it’s a great way to jump-start the massive diet ahead.”The 31-year-old recently revealed that she is keen to lose her post-baby weight.“I think anybody who’s gone through a pregnancy, after they have the baby, it’s like, ‘I need to do something about this,’” she told.

Michael Lohan blames ex-wife for ruining children

Michael Lohan blames his ex-wife Diana for ruining their children, including actress Lindsay Lohan’s life.After hearing that Dina along with her children — Lindsay, Ali, Cody and Michael — is starring in a reality show, Michael ranted about her participation, reports online.

“Are you kidding me? She’s out of her mind. What is she trying to do the same to someone else? Her reality career is in full drive? Please? She just lied about that too! First, producing a movie starring my son Michael, then a cameo on a show, then her own show!” said Michael.

He said that his ex-wife should not take credit for their children’s skyrocketing careers as they did the work themselves.“She brought our kids to many levels of success? Please, Lindsay is the talented one; she did it on her own. And as for Ali, her beauty got her in the door! Dina never made it in the modelling or entertainment business!” he said.“If she accomplished anything, Dina destroyed the kids by lying to them and alienating them from me after the divorce!” he added.Michael rues his ex-wife is treating their daughter poorly.

Brad and Jolie forced leave apartment

Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been forced to move out of their apartment because of blocked drains in the homes next door.The couple and their six children, Maddox,Pax, Zahara,Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne, are currently living in the leafy London suburb of Richmond.“Brad and Angelina have been getting their kids excited about the Diamond Jubilee... But since their drains started playing up, the smell in and around their house has become unbearable,” as per online reports.“They’re concerned that it will put a dampener on the whole weekend if they stick it out so Brad suggested they find somewhere nearby to stay until the problem is fixed,”.

Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary

Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan celebrated their 39th marriage anniversary yesterday.The couple have two children-  son Abhishek and daughter Shweta.“39 years! And just made it to the blog in time to write. A minute more and all the headers would have had to undergo change. Greetings have been exchanged, family has gathered round with wishes Now time to reminisce, to go back and relive those moments, to remember all that transpired,” the 69-year-old posted on his blog.“Marriages and weddings entail great amount of ritual and protocol and decorum and priests and pundits and maulvis. They last for days with great fanfare.

Akshay's Rowdy Rathore scores India’s third-biggest opening day

Akshay Kumar-starrer Rowdy Rathore is off to an impressive start. The film made Rs150 million on its opening day, making it the third-biggest opening of all time in India, after Agneepath and Bodyguard. It is also the biggest non-holiday opening of all time.Agneepath and Bodyguard earned Rs250 million and Rs220 million respectively on their first day of release.

Directed by Prabhu Deva and co-produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ronnie Screwvala, Rowdy Rathore marks the comeback of Kumar in a full-fledged action role after seven years. Made at a budget of Rs400 million, the film opened across 3,169 screens on Friday.“We are thrilled with the incredible opening day collections of Rowdy Rathore across the length and breadth of India. It has notched up the third biggest opening day of all time and the biggest non-holiday opening day of all time,” Siddharth Roy Kapur, managing director of Disney UTV Motion Picture, said.“It is also Akshay’s biggest opening day ever.

English singer Myleene Klass' marriage is over !

Myleene Klass has split up from her husband Graham Quinn after he walked out on her! Myleene’s husband of six months actually left the former Hear’say star on her 34th birthday back in April, and Myleene is obviously shocked and devastated over being left by Graham,“She’s heartbroken. It’s an awful situation,”. “She’s shocked at the sudden way Graham left. It’s going to take her a long time to recover.“Their wedding was the happiest day of her life but now it’s all over. Myleene had no idea that Graham was going to leave her. They only got married a few months ago and she thought everything between them was great. It came as a massive shock to Myleene and she’s heartbroken.”

Myleene and Graham have two children together four-year-old Ava and 14-month-old Hero, and have been together for 11 years after meeting when Graham was a bodyguard for Hear’say.To make matters even worse Graham has cut reportedly off contact with his wife, and left Myleene to look after their children alone,“Graham has barely been in touch since. It seems he woke up one day and realised he didn’t want to be married anymore,”. “Her friends are angry with him, especially as she’s been left holding the babies. It’s an awful situation.”

Kristen Stewart wants Hunger Games to win MTV’s Best Kiss

Kristen Stewart has revealed that she wants The Hunger Games' couple Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson to win the MTV Movie Award gong for Best Kiss, the prize that she's taken home for the last three years running.When asked if she had any fighting talk for Josh and Jennifer, the actress said: "I don't know. For the last few years it was 'The Twilight Show' and it was bizarre, and this year's gonna be fun. It's gonna be like, 'Oh, good, something different! Please, God, something different"."I would love to see them go up there and I would love to see how someone else dealt with it to be honest. It's like, 'are you gonna do it?', 'are you gonna give it to them'.""If we didn't win, I would actually be stoked to see, like, how it all goes down and how they handle it."

Justin Bieber suffers concussion after knocking himself out

Justin Bieber is recovering from concussion after he knocked himself out during a show in Paris.The Boyfriend singer was performing in the capital on Thursday evening when he walked into a glass wall backstage and lost consciousness."So basically... I'm in Paris and I'm like, performing on the tallest building in Paris," Bieber told TMZ . "There's a glass wall behind me, but there's a railing behind the glass, and so, I went to reach for the railing and I hit my head on the glass."It really hurt and I felt a little light-headed, but my adrenalin, I feel, pushed me through it and I performed my last song. After that, I went off stage and I immediately felt really weak. I was walking down the stairs and I passed out for like, 15 seconds... I feel good, I have a little bit of a headache, but I feel fine. I mean, you've got to laugh at yourself sometimes."

Queen Heidi! Sugababe gets in the Jubilee mood

The Sugababes singer, sporting a huge blonde bun, was hanging around in a party shop on the King's Road in London looking at and trying on various Jubilee paraphernalia in preparing for this weekend’s Jubilee celebrations.The 29-year-old, who was with an older blonde woman we’ll assume to be her mum as they looked pretty much identical - was seen considering a funky glittery eye mask but maybe decided on something a bit more regal. She also picked up the absolute Jubilee party basic - Union Jack flags.Heidi’s originally from Liverpool but if she’s in London now, maybe she’ll stay in the capital to celebrate - there are going to be a host of snazzy celebrity parties to choose from.And maybe she’ll be trying to find a Prince Charming to match the tiara. The Dancing on Ice star announced her split from fiancé Dave Berry in December after an eight year relationship.

Singer Madonna performs Express Yourself

Madonna has previously had a bit of a dig at Lady Gaga saying that Born This Way is more than a little inspired by Express Yourself. Some rehearsal footage leaked earlier in the week but now Madge has performed the song live at the first date of her MDNA tour in Israel.The video quality is pretty awful, but it’s worth watching anyway to see the mash-up. If you can’t watch it at work, Madonna is dressed as a marching band leader. She sings a few verses of Express Yourself, has a little dance and then starts singing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. She switches back between the two songs and then repeats the line ‘She’s not me’. Zing!

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue to perform together again!

When we heard the following news, we felt like we'd been hit in the head with a pillow full of sweet nostalgia, which is why we're very happy to bring you the news that Kylie Minogue has revealed her plans to duet with Jason Donovan next month.Okay, we know it's very corny, but even us lot in the Heat office were almost moved to tears during the pair's on-off love affair on Neighbours. So, we're very happy to hear that they'll be collaborating for a special duet in Hyde Park on July 11.They'll even be performing their hit track Especially For You, although Kylie admits she doubts they'll be the ones doing the singing, she confessed, 'I'm going to sing 'Especially for You' with Jason Donovan...I don't think we'll even need to sing it. I'm sure the audience all went through the Neighbours wedding. It's going to bring the house down! Even though it's outdoors.''

Kylie recently released her latest single TimeBomb to celebrate her whopping 25 years in the music industry, she's technically a music veteran, just don't tell her we said that. The star revealed how nervous she was to start her 'Anti-Tour' shows this year where she performed some B-Sides and album tracks in intimate venues. ''It was torturous inside me. I just thought, 'I can't be that person, she's not accepted, she's so uncool', and it transpires I was none of those things...The coolest people were just, 'No, we love those songs, we love you from that time', but I had to go through my own process to where I could embrace it. The 'Anti-Tour'. I could bore you still with what that tour meant to me!''

Kim Kardashian studying philosophy to impress Kanye West before they move in

It seems as though Kim Kardashian is going all out to impress her new beau, Kanye West, the reality star is said to be reading the works of philosophers in a bid to impress the rapper with some wise exerts. And with rumours emerging that the pair are currently house-hunting and may even be thinking of tying the knot, we're very interested in seeing how the next couple of months pan out for the loved up couple.According to a recent interview, Kim is making sure that she keeps up to date with the world news on a daily basis while also indulging in a little philosophical reading, the works of Friedrich Nietsche to be exact. A source reveals,

"Kim Kardashian's desperate to show Kanye she's not some kind of bimbo, so she's reading up on Nietzsche as Kanye says he's a huge inspiration of his...She's making sure she reads the papers and the news every day and has downloaded the CNN app on her phone to keep up to the minute."Kim hasn't stopped at Neitsche, she's even browsing the work of classical painters in a bid to share her boyfriend's likes. We suppose if you're moving in with your beau, you've got to start taking a vested interest at some point. Although our situation is less "what came first the chicken or the egg" and more watching football for the sport, not the hot athletes, and perfecting our burps.The pair are said to have put their homes up for sale while they search for the perfect love nest. If you're interested in snapping up Kim's old house, it's alleged that the reality stars wants a tidy $5 million for the property.

pop star Justin Bieber gives an impromptu concert to his Believers

Teenage pop star Justin Bieber turned a quiet Paris street corner into an impromptu concert venue on Friday afternoon, crooning through a megaphone at a balcony window over the screams of hundreds of adoring female fans.Wearing a leather jacket and dancing under the watchful eye of his bodyguard and grinning guitarist, the 18-year-old sang hits like Baby and One Time to the increasingly frenzied crowd gathered at a street behind the Pantheon monument in the Latin Quarter.

Some of Bieber’s fans, who waved messages saying “Thank You Justin” and got into occasional scraps with security guards in front of the building, had waited hours for their idol after being told via Bieber’s Twitter feed to “sing with” Justin at the offices of record label Universal in Paris.“We’ve been here since 10.30am... We got in a taxi and came straight here after it appeared on Twitter,” said 21-year-old student Sonia O’Donnell, accompanied by her friend Sinead Murphy.Not everyone was as pleased by the noise as the true “Beliebers” were. One glum-looking Parisian living at a neighbouring building held a makeshift flag up at his window with the words: “Bieber Go Home”.

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