Kim Kardashian studying philosophy to impress Kanye West before they move in

It seems as though Kim Kardashian is going all out to impress her new beau, Kanye West, the reality star is said to be reading the works of philosophers in a bid to impress the rapper with some wise exerts. And with rumours emerging that the pair are currently house-hunting and may even be thinking of tying the knot, we're very interested in seeing how the next couple of months pan out for the loved up couple.According to a recent interview, Kim is making sure that she keeps up to date with the world news on a daily basis while also indulging in a little philosophical reading, the works of Friedrich Nietsche to be exact. A source reveals,

"Kim Kardashian's desperate to show Kanye she's not some kind of bimbo, so she's reading up on Nietzsche as Kanye says he's a huge inspiration of his...She's making sure she reads the papers and the news every day and has downloaded the CNN app on her phone to keep up to the minute."Kim hasn't stopped at Neitsche, she's even browsing the work of classical painters in a bid to share her boyfriend's likes. We suppose if you're moving in with your beau, you've got to start taking a vested interest at some point. Although our situation is less "what came first the chicken or the egg" and more watching football for the sport, not the hot athletes, and perfecting our burps.The pair are said to have put their homes up for sale while they search for the perfect love nest. If you're interested in snapping up Kim's old house, it's alleged that the reality stars wants a tidy $5 million for the property.
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