Movie The Hangover Part ii

"Hangover Part II” qualifies as a valuable film as well, albeit in what it teaches us about the perils of formula, sequelitis and taking your audience for granted.Summer wouldn’t be fittingly launched without a go-for-broke raunchy comedy, the kind of uncensored, emotionally expansive movie where pleasure can be found not just in the taboos it gleefully smashes but in its celebration of friendship, emotional growth and sundry humanist values.A veritable textbook case of what not to do when re-making a comedy that depended on sheer surprise for most of its appeal, “The Hangover Part II” also inadvertently points up the weaknesses of the first movie, which became a huge hit two summers ago. Fans of “The Hangover” which starred Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis as refugees from a Las Vegas bachelor party gone horribly wrong — were prone to forget the long, laugh-free sequences in between the more memorable set pieces, just as they easily overlook the fact that, were it not for Galifianakis’s quietly deranged presence, “The Hangover” would likely have been a hamhanded, unevenly paced dud.Once the posse lands in Thailand, “just one beer” two nights before the wedding turns into a similar bender, with the three principals awaking in a Bangkok hotel room with a severed finger, a monkey in a Rolling Stones vest and no memory of how they got there. And they’ve managed to lose Stu’s future brother-in-law, launching a search of the city’s bars, strip clubs and tattoo parlors where they’ve left a trail of havoc in their wake.The one cheering exception to an otherwise ho-hum exercise is Galifianakis, who plays the spoiled, sartorially challenged man-child Alan, a preening, glowering, utterly fascinating conundrum composed of co-equal parts naivete, hauteur, feral menace and barely submerged homoerotic desire. It’s Alan — who describes himself as a “stay-at-home-son” with the gravitas of someone announcing he’s the head of the SEC — who has the film’s most surreally humorous dialogue. And it’s Galifianakis who gives those jokes extra mileage by way of the surreal afterthought. “I wish monkeys could Skype” is a funny line, sure. But it’s the wistful yearning with which Galifianakis adds, “Maybe one day” that sends it into the ether of comic genius.

Courtney Love's looking for a rich boyfriend

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love has revealed that she’s on the look out for a ‘plurocrat’ as she would be a ‘real asset’ to a man who has millions of bucks to share with her.
”These days I'm only interested in plutocrats. Like really, really rich guys. I'm determined to land one sooner or later. The thing is, I think I can be a real asset to a wealthy man,” she said.
The 46-year-old musician, who’s been afflicted by addiction problems in the past, also said she dedicates her spare time to ‘romances’ and ‘luxury’ since becoming sober in 2005.
“Keeping things alive with little romances and sexuality and making sure things are really beautiful around you,” she said.Adding, “No matter what your income level, luxury is important and luxury is time, the time you give to yourself to care for yourself. Those are really enjoyable things.”Courtney claims that she loved writing most of Hole’s most recent album Nobody’s Daughter while getting sober, although it was difficult because she was on a strict diet which didn't allow her to eat any carbohydrates.”I wrote pretty much the entire record in this spa on the Atkins diet. You try writing an album eating only bologna and eggs,” she said. But it ended up being one of my favourite records and it was really fun.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress, Mildred 'Patty' Baena's ex-husband thought he had fathered their child.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress' ex-husband thought he had fathered their child.Rogelia Baena thought the 13-year-old boy he raised with Mildred 'Patty' Baena ex-housekeeper of the actor - was his own, and is even listed on the birth certificate as the father.He told US show Entertainment Tonight he was "very, very angry" when he found out the 'Terminator' star was the child's real father when his sister broke the news.Speaking in broken English, when asked how he felt when he first heard the news, he said: "No believe."Mildred filed for divorce from Rogelia in 2008, citing irreconcilable differences, and Rogelia admitted he hadn't seen the boy in a year, but insisted: "That is my son."He also said if he met him again, he would tell him: "I am your father. That's all."He added: "Arnold Schwarzenegger is, for me .... was my hero. Now, I feel betrayed."Meanwhile, Patty's family members have claimed she never told them or her son who the true father was, and they are upset with her for not telling them, especially as her mother, Evelyn Pena, was also employed by the Schwarzenegger family and her sister, Miriam Pena still is.The family are even sympathetic toward Arnold's wife, Maria Shriver, whom is expected to file for divorce from the star, who she split from earlier this month, shortly before the revelations were made public.A Pena family source told the New York Post newspaper: "Maria would always make sure to help us, even with little things, gifts, Christmas stuff, things like that, and now we end up making her go through this crap because of Patty. It's not cool."The family is not happy with Patty right now because she never told us or warned us and now we have to deal with all this attention."Maria gave birth to the youngest of her four children with former California Governor Arnold, Christopher, 13, just days after Patty's son was born.The couple also have also have children Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, and Patrick, 17, together.

American Idol' 2012: Jennifer Lopez Says It's 'Too Early to Tell' if She'll Be Back

Jennifer Lopez's future as a judge on "American Idol" looked uncertain Thursday as the singer refused to confirm whether she would sign up for the 10th season of the show.
The 41 year-old, who has boosted ratings and attracted rave reviews since joining eight months ago, has earned significantly less money from the show than fellow judge Steven Tyler,who is tied into a multi-year contract that ensures he will return through the 11th season alongside original judge Randy Jackson, reportedly raked in $18 million for the first season alone.Lopez signed a single-year contract for a rumored $12 million -- and now has to decide whether she wants to remain as a judge on the show next year or relaunch her pop career."It's too early to tell," said Lopez, who is believed to be in contract negotiations with FOX."Everyone has multiple-year contracts. Jennifer had [a] single-year contract. We loved having her -- the hope and expectation is she'll return," FOX chief Peter Rice said earlier this week.A source also overheard the Aerosmith rocker happily confirm Wednesday that he’ll be back for another round. (Based on the rumors that he earned  $18 million for the first season alone, it’s no wonder he’s enthusiastic.)But Lopez, who signed for significantly less money (a reported $12 million), isn’t so sure of her future.

Whatever Happened to Phoebe Cates ??????

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the two-piece bathing suit, commonly known as the bikini. Inventor Louis Reard called his creation a bikini in honor of America's first nuclear test in the Pacific, which took place near the Bikini Islands.Now the two-piece is everywhere, including, of course, Hollywood. Rare is the film that doesn't feature at least one bikini-clad starlet romping in the surf. Perhaps the most famous scene in which the bikini plays a starring role came in the 1982 comedy classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Actress Phoebe Cates wears a red two-piece while lounging at her friend's pool after school.Cates's absence from the big screen was a conscious decision; she wasn't forced out of Tinseltown or anything.  She is married to Oscar-winning actor Kevin Kline and the couple has several children. The two met while Cates was auditioning for a role in the 1983 hit film "The Big Chill."

She didn't get the role but she did go on to appear in the mega-hit "Gremlins."Today, Cates focuses her energy on her business. In 2006, the actress opened a boutique in New York called Blue Tree.the shop specializes in "often unexpected" gifts. A Yelp reviewer calls the high-end shop a "museum of cool."

Anna Kournikova selling mansion for $9.4 million

Former tennis star Anna Kournikova has put up her Miami Beach, Florida mansion for sale with an asking price of $9.4 million.The ivy-covered home features seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and is right on the waterfront. The home also has a coral rock pool deck, a two story guest house and a sauna all within its 6,600 square feet. Photos of the home can be seen here.The property was built in 2000 and is located on gated Sunset Island with a style described as Mediterranean. The guest house is one bedroom, one bathroom with a kitchen and living room. The home, however, does not have a tennis court.Kournikova is best known for her tennis career which included two Grand Slam titles for doubles with partner Martina Hingis. Kournikova's professional career has slowed down as a result of injuries and back problems. She recently came in at No. 19 on Maxim's Hot 100 list.The athlete is also known for her relationship with pop star Enrique Iglesias that began in 2001. During an interview with Graham Norton on BBC in 2010, she confirmed that the two are still dating but have no interest in getting married.

Pearl Jam celebrates 20th anniversary with tour

Pearl Jam will make their only U.S. performances at a festival at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin over Labor Day weekend (September: 3-4) with bands like the Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, Mudhoney,Liam Finn, X's, Joseph Arthur and Glen Hansard, with more acts to be announced. Tickets for the festival were released on Monday, May 23 for members of the band's fan club and on June 4 for the general public, Billboard reports.Following the festival, the band will play 10 shows in Canada. The band also filmed a documentary, "Pearl Jam Twenty," which was directed by Cameron Crowe and was created from 1200 hours of vintage footage and new interviews and live footage. "Pearl Jam Twenty" will premiere on PBS on October 21 at 9 p.m. ET.Crowe also wrote the forward in a book also called "Pearl Jam Twenty," which will be released by Simon & Schuster in the fall. The book was written by former Billboard journalist Jonathan Cohen and Mark Wilkerson, who wrote "Who Are You: The Life of Pete Townshend."The band became popular in the 90's Seattle grunge movement with hits like "Alive," "Even Flow" and "Jeremy." Pearl Jam members include Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron.The group is currently starting work on their tenth studio album and lead vocalist Eddie Vedder is planning to release his second solo album, "Ukulele Songs" on May 31 and will embark on his solo tour on June 15. 

Check out the dates for Pearl Jam's North American Tour below:

September 3-4 - East Troy, Wis. - Alpine Valley Music Theatre
September 7 - Montreal - Bell Centre
September 11-12 - Toronto - Air Canada Centre
September 14 - Ottawa, Ontario - Scotiabank Place
September 15 - Hamilton, Ontario - Copps Coliseum
September 17 - Winnipeg, Manitoba - MTS Centre
September 19 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Credit Union Centre
September 21 - Calgary, Alberta - Scotiabank Saddledome
September 23 - Edmonton, Alberta - Rexall Place
September 25 - Vancouver - Pacific Coliseum

Christina Ricci's $25,000 Versace couture gown which she wore to the 71st Annual Academy Awards in 1999 was lent to a Michigan teen to wear at her high school prom

The caveat of the contest was that Staskiewicz had to fit into the size zero gown. Though ten other girls tried on the dress, none of them could fit.Staskiewicz said on the station's website that when she stepped into the dress the day before the Waterford Mott High School prom on May 13. It fit beautifully and her mom kept calling the teen Cinderella.Christina Ricci's $25,000 Versace couture gown which she wore to the 71st Annual Academy Awards in 1999 was lent to a Michigan teen to wear at her high school prom.Kayla Staskiewicz of Waterford, Michigan got her Cinderella prom when her father entered her in a contest on the local Detroit NBC affiliated TV station, WDIV TV.The Versace gown is pale grey with thousands of crystal beads, embroidered in a criss-cross pattern. Ricci wore the dress the year that "Sleepy Hollow," "No Vacancy" and "200 Cigarettes" came out. She was nominated for a Golden Globe the previous year for her role in "The Opposite of Sex."Meanwhile, Ricci will make her return to television this fall to star in the new ABC show "Pan Am," which follows the glamour of the Pan Am travel company in the 1960s, when they were the biggest name in air travel. The show is scheduled to premiere this fall on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.Ricci previously had a recurring role on "Ally McBeal" and has guest starred on shows like "Malcolm in the Middle," "Grey's Anatomy" and "Saving Grace."The 31-year-old actress recently wrapped "Bel Ami" opposite Uma Thurman and "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson and Ricci admit in December that her male co-star is "a good kisser."Kayla Staskiewicz appears below in the Versace gown at her home in Waterford, Mich., in a photo provided by her family to the Associated Press.

Dating rumors Of Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen !!!!

After being photographed holding hands on November, spotted at an after party at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Woody Allen's new film, "Midnight in Paris," co-stars Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen have confirmed they are dating.McAdams and Sheen made their first red carpet appearance as a couple at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday for the premiere of "Midnight in Paris.""We spent our nights really laughing, and walking around Paris, Notre Dame is my favorite spot, and having great meals. It was a great way to get to know anyone,"She's the most wonderful person I know. We got to know each other on set, it was an amazing time. We've been a couple for a while now."The British actor finds McAdams a "fantastic actress".McAdams and Sheen have already begun working together again in director Terrence Malick's next project."We love going to little diners, out of the way places, so we found some great little spots out in Louisiana," Sheen said. "My favorite meal is breakfast,She's a genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented, Sheen,People reports.Sheen, a Welsh actor who starred in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" and had a recurring role on the sitcom "30 Rock," has an 11-year-old daughter with ex-girlfriend and actress Kate Beckinsale. She starred with him in the 2003 vampire film "Underworld" and in its 2006 sequel.McAdams, the 32 year old Canadian actress is widely known for her breakout role in the 2004 hit film “Mean girls” where she portrayed the character of "Queen Bee". She then starred in the film adaptation of The Notebook and the hit comedy Wedding Crashers.

Maria Shriver appears on Oprah farewell show

Maria Shriver has appeared at Oprah Winfrey's farewell show in Chicago, the same day it was revealed her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with another woman.
Shriver came on stage at the United Center with Winfrey's best friend, Gayle King. Shriver told Winfrey that the talk show "With the event being held at the United Center in Chicago, IL, the estranged wife of Arnold Scwarzenegger told the famous talk show host, “You bestowed the most amazing friendship on me, given me love, support, wisdom and most of all truth.”The word “truth” was followed by a pause from the audience before leading into a stirring applause, with Winfrey and Shriver putting their arms around one another.During dinner the night befor Shriver said she knew she wasn't "alone in receiving those gifts."Last week, Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced they had separated. On Tuesday it was revealed Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a woman on his household staff more than a decade ago.In a statement Shriver called it a "painful and heartbreaking time."Shriver told Winfrey that the talk show host "believed in others so they could believe in themselves."

Maria Shriver on Schwarzenegger's paternity admission: 'Painful and heartbreaking'

Former California First Lady Maria Shriver on Tuesday called "heartbreaking" husband Arnold Schwarzenegger's admission that he had fathered a child with a former household staff member more than a decade ago."This is a painful and heartbreaking time," Shriver said in a statement, her first since the former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted paternity of the child Monday night in response to questions from The Times. "As a mother my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment." Shriver and Schwarzenegger, who have been married for 25 years, separated weeks ago, after she learned of the child. Shriver, the parent with Schwarzenegger of four children, ages 13 to 21, has moved out of the couple's Brentwood home.Shriver's statement Tuesday was noteworthy in tone. Although the couple announced their separation last week in a joint missive that made no mention of a cause for the split, this statement came from Shriver alone and pointedly set her and her children apart from Schwarzenegger.
The staff member worked for the family for 20 years, retiring in January. To protect their privacy, the Los Angeles Times is not publishing the former staffer's name or that of her child.
Schwarzenegger's acknowledgement came as the former governor, who left office in January, has been trying to rebuild his movie career and craft a new public-policy role. In recent months, he has maintained a high public profile, meeting with world dignitaries, attending a White House summit on immigration and working on assorted entertainment deals.
"After leaving the governor's office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago," Schwarzenegger said Monday night in a statement issued to The Times. "I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.
"I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time," the statement concluded. "While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not."
In an interview Monday before Schwarzenegger issued his statement, the former staffer said another man — her then-husband — was the child's father.
She said she voluntarily left her position with the couple earlier this year after reaching a longstanding goal of working for them for two decades. "I wanted to achieve my 20 years, then I asked to retire," she said, adding she received a severance payment and "left on good terms with them."
Later Monday, The Times informed the woman of the governor's statement, and she declined to comment further.
Schwarzenegger took financial responsibility for the child from the start and continued to provide support, according to a source who declined to be identified because of the former governor's request for privacy.
In keeping with their very public — and political — lives, two distinctly different portraits of the marriage and its status have emerged in the days since the breakup became public.
Schwarzenegger, 63, suggested that the split was temporary and the couple were working toward reconciliation. "We both love each other very much," the former governor said at an appearance last week at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. "We are very fortunate that we have four extraordinary children, and we're taking one day at a time."
Friends of Shriver, 55, offered a grimmer assessment, saying she had been unhappy for years but made no move until after her parents died and Schwarzenegger finished his term as governor. Her father, Sargent Shriver, died Jan. 18, nearly a year and a half after the death of her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
The marriage between Shriver and Schwarzenegger pairing one of Hollywood's top box-office draws and a member of one of America's most storied Democratic political clans  has long been a subject of public interest.
As an actor, Schwarzenegger reveled in his macho image. But his behavior became an issue during his first campaign for governor, in the 2003 recall election, when more than a dozen women said he had groped them over a period of many years.
Schwarzenegger at first denied the allegations, then apologized. Shriver offered a timely and politically crucial defense of her husband, vouching for his personal integrity.
After his landslide election, she emerged as one of the most visible first ladies in California history, maintaining a high profile as she promoted volunteerism and directed a wildly popular annual conference on women.
Although their friends spoke of difficulties in the couple's marriage throughout Schwarzenegger's governorship, any tensions were kept out of public view.
Once Schwarzenegger left office, the two effectively began leading separate lives. Schwarzenegger has been jetting around the world, heading to Brazil's Xingu River with director James Cameron, to London for Mikhail Gorbachev's 80th birthday party, to Val d'Isère in France for skiing.
Schwarzenegger, who had to put aside acting and his business interests while serving in Sacramento, also plunged back into those pursuits.
Last week, a bidding war took place at Cannes to make two more installments of the "Terminator" franchise starring Schwarzenegger, and the former governor also signed to star in a third movie. He is working on an animated children's series based on his life and also exploring real estate and other business investments.
He has traveled the globe,apart from Shriver -delivering high-priced speeches and also participated in a White House summit on immigration reform. He is expected to pen his memoirs soon.


Brad Pitt had reservations about playing a domineering dad in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life.But Pitt had no hesitation joking that he does not spare the rod in raising his six children with Angelina Jolie."I beat my kids regularly. That seems to do the trick," Pitt wisecracked when asked at a press conference about his own parenting style. "And deprive them of meals."Pitt, 47, stars with Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain in Malick's sweeping family drama, whose scope is so expansive it includes images of the birth of creation and the age of dinosaurs.Against that cosmic backdrop, Malick presents the troubled life of a family headed by a saintly mum (Chastain) and an alternately tender and cruel dad (Pitt), whose reign over his three sons leaves them disturbed and even hostile toward their father.Penn plays the oldest son as he reflects back on his boyhood in the 1950s."I was a little hesitant about playing the oppressive father, but I felt like the story was so important, and for me, it was really about the kid's journey," said Pitt,.He has wondered what his children will think about the autocratic figure he plays in The Tree of Life."My kids are going to see it when they grow up, and how are they going to feel?" Pitt said. "They know me as a dad, and I hope they'll just think I'm a pretty damn good actor."

Angelina Jolie's directorial controversial movie debut

Hot Star Angelina Jolie's directorial debut ,A controversial movie set in wartime Bosnia- has a name and a release date. "In the Land of Blood and Honey" will be released in the United States on December 23, producers said in a statement on Monday, Just in time for Oscar consideration. "The film is specific to the Bosnian war, but it is also universal," Angelina said in a statement. "I wanted to tell a story of how human relationship and behavior are deeply affected by living inside a war." Angelina, who also wrote the screenplay, last year described the then untitled movie as a love story between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman on the eve of the 1992-95 Balkans conflict, in which 100,000 people died. But it caused controversy in Bosnia with some female victims of sexual violence objecting to details in the plot and Bosnian authorities canceling a filming permit. As a result, some scenes scheduled to be shot in Sarajevo were moved to Budapest, Hungary. Angelina, who won a supporting actress Oscar for "Girl, Interrupted", and who is a United Nations goodwill ambassador, has asked the people of Bosnia to withhold judgment until they see the completed film. "In the Land of Blood and Honey" features a local cast, and was shot in both the English and Serbo-Croat languages. Producers Graham King and Tim Headington on Monday called it a "bold new film (which) illustrates the consequences of the lack of political will to intervene in a society stricken with conflict."

Mike Tindall's,Zara Phillips upcoming royal wedding spurs big security operation


Now that the wedding of Prince William is over, Palace officials are focusing on the upcoming royal wedding between Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Phillips and U.K. rugby player Mike Tindall.Zara Phillips, Queen's granddaughter, engaged to rugby player Mike TindallWilliam and Kate adopt baby penguin,Kate Middleton, Prince William to visit California in JulyZara Phillips, 29, is 12th in line to the throne. She is the daughter of Princess Anne, the Queen's only daughter, and her former husband, Captain Mark Phillips, an Olympic gold medal-winning equestrian.She and Tindall, 32, met in 2003 during the Rugby World Cup in Australia, which was won by England.The two are set to get married on July 30 in Edinburgh, and a massive security operation has already started,Tindall, 32, proposed to Phillips at the couple's home."I was really shocked when Mike proposed but I am very happy.Even though the wedding will be a private event, thousands are likely to flock to Scotland's capital since likely wedding guests include Prince William and his wife Catherine, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,.Prince William's wedding drew tens of thousands of people to the streets of London on April 29.

Miranda Cosgrove turns 18

The "iCarly" star celebrates her 18th birthday on Saturday (May 14), but don't expect her to have a mega list of demands on her special day.
"I'm excited," she tells E! News of becoming an adult. "I get to vote. And I can drive. I could already do that when I was 16, but I'm going to actually do it now."
When it comes to a set of wheels, Cosgrove is refreshingly similar to millions of teenage girls across the country -- aside from having a thing for VWs, she admits to caring more about the color of her future ride than a logo.
"I wanted a Volkswagen bug for a long time," she explains. "Jerry who plays Spencer on 'iCarly,' actually has this really cute little BMW. So I was thinking about maybe something like that. I'm more into like color than like the type of car and stuff. I don't know much about cars so I'm just more into picking the right color."
Okay, so a car isn't exactly a minor purchase... but how many teen superstars hope for a new bicycle on the anniversary of their birth? 
"This is going to sound really lame, but I like bike riding," she says. "I tandem bike ride a lot with my friend so I would like a new tandem bike. That would be awesome."
Happy Birthday, Miranda. We hope all your bike riding dreams come true.
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