Little About Actress, Singer and Fashion Designer Amanda Laura Bynes

American actress, singer and fashion designer Amanda Laura Bynes. Bynes appeared in several successful television series, such as All That and The Amanda Show, on Nickelodeon in the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s, and in 2002, she starred in the TV series, What I Like About You.

Bynes was born and raised in California, USA.The daughter of Lynn, a dental assistant and office manager, and Rick Bynes, a dentist who also practiced stand-up comedy.Bynes has two older siblings, Tommy and Jillian,who has a B.A. in History from UCLA and has also acted.Bynes' maternal grandparents are from Toronto and her ancestors immigrated from Ireland, Poland, Russia, and Romania.Her father is Catholic and her mother is Jewish.Bynes has described herself as Jewish,and has also stated "I haven't decided yet.I don't know yet exactly what I believe".

Bynes started out at University Elementary, and later graduated from Thousand Oaks High School's independent study program.She briefly moved into an apartment in Hollywood, California, but has since returned to her family home in Thousand Oaks.In 2007, Bynes spoke out against becoming another wild Hollywood star: "I think I’ll go out as much as I’ve ever gone out.which is not a lot. I like to dance and stuff, but drinking isn’t good for you in every way. It’s not good for your skin,it makes you feel horrible. So, drinking-wise, no.She restated these ideas in interviews through out the summer of 2007, telling Access Hollywood: "I like being with my family and friends, and I don't need to be out at the clubs.
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