What's next for Nargis Fakhri?

Post Rockstar,The general critical consensus seemed to be that no one was really sure whether 32-year-old Nargis Fakhri was actually any good in it or not.With responses ranging from, "[She] looks mind blowing and acts well too", to, "The lady is pretty, but she cannot act" and "strangely static", whilst everyone agreed that the statuesque model is a stunner onscreen, her acting chops - which she is keen to develop - didn't cause cinematic fireworks.

It's lucky then that the American-Pakistani model, who divides her time between New York and Mumbai, claims to take "all criticism in a positive way". Adding that, "negativity doesn't bother me now".But despite recently splashing out on a new apartment in Mumbai, in the hopes that her relocation would coincide with an avalanche of movie offers, things have gone quiet on the Bollywood front, with the newcomer's only victory over her B-town peers in beating Deepika and Sonam to become the face of fashion label, Van Heusen.

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