Lindsay Lohan to give a judge her first progress update

American actress Lindsay Lohan is due in court on Wednesday to give a judge her first progress update under strict new probation requirements intended to keep close tabs on the troubled actress.Lohan has been reporting regularly for work at the Los Angeles County morgue since being repeatedly threatened with a long jail sentence if she failed to complete the terms of her probation, which include community service and counseling sessions.

The hearing is without the usual drama that precedes Lohan's recent court appearances, which have focused on the actress' shortcomings by missing court-ordered therapy sessions and getting booted from a community service assignment at a women's shelter.The Mean Girls star spent less than five hours at a jail last month as part of a 30-day sentence imposed by Judge Stephanie Sautner for Lohan's continued misbehavior. The judge is requiring the starlet to report on her progress on a monthly basis and it appears Lohan has been successful in meeting the goals of Wednesday's hearing.

"She's been doing fine," Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter said on Tuesday, saying the actress has been showing up, working and leaving without incident. He said he did not know how many hours Lohan had completed.Her spokesman, Steve Honig, said Lohan has met or exceeded the terms of her probation imposed by Sautner last month. "She's working very diligently to keep up her days so she can finish up with probation," he said.

Lohan remains on probation for a 2007 drunken driving case and a misdemeanor grand theft case filed after she took a $2,500 necklace without permission from a store.She has consistently struggled with the terms of her various sentences, which have included jail terms, rehab, community service and counseling.Her appearance on Wednesday comes days before a Playboy issue featuring Lohan in a mostly-nude pictorial hits news stands.

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