Shilpa Shetty is pregnant !!!!!

The baby bumps, where they are more prominent and are witnessed in Hollywood trade, they have also started showing in Bollywood as well. Recently Aishwarya Rai delivered baby and then few days back, Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao joined the bandwagon. Now another Bollywood babe has got on baby bumps’ board…she is none other than Shilpa Shetty, who is married to Raj Kundra, the business tycoon.

Shilpa herself has confirmed the news of her pregnancy on twitter. She narrated the happy news earlier today on the microblogging website to announce it to her fans. The first celebrity to congratulate her was Raveena Tandon, who showed her blessings for the couple.The Bollywood babes are now turning to tie the knot as well. Previously there was trend to hide the relationships now since the trend of showing off the relationships has strengthened in Hollywood, Bollywood babes and males too have started following them . Today the relationships are vividly shown in Bollywood and feel proud in displaying that they are happily engaged with someone and they have broken up with someone – blah blah!

Today is the era where the Bollywood babes even get chances to showcase their skills after marriage, this has strengthened them to get married in their young age or else they used to be married in old ages previously. Now we see them tying the knot in their thirties, previously they used to do so normally after fourties. It is good to see them tying the knots early and then seeing them having the baby bumps to deliver the babies.
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