Paris Hilton has landed another big name collaboration

Paris Hilton has landed another big name collaboration for her upcoming music comeback, with Snoop Dogg agreeing to record a track with her.The 30-year-old released her debut album, Paris, in 2006. She is now aiming to relaunch her pop career with a second record.

She has been working with stars including LMFAO and producer and DJ Afrojack. She has now revealed she has also persuaded rapper Snoop Dogg to lend his talent to the project."I'm doing my new album, and Afrojack is actually executive-producing the entire thing. There are a lot of very cool collaborations on my album. It should be out in the next few months.

British soul and R&B singer Seal, Klum not getting divorced

British soul and R&B singer Seal, who announced he has split from his wife Heidi Klum after seven years of marriage, says they are not getting divorced."There is nothing to reconcile. We haven't fallen out. We're not getting divorced. We're not even legally separated. We are separated. The reality of the situation is we have grown apart. And so ... is there a chance of us getting back together? Honestly... don't know. I don't know the answer to that,".The 48-year-old is raising four children — Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and two-year-old Lou.

Kim Kardashian Addresses Her Marriage On “Live With Kelly”

Kim Kardashian took the co-seat today on Live With Kelly, where she addressed her failed marriage to Kris Humprhies, but what did the reality star have to say about it? The star of Kourtney and Kim Take New York says that it was definitely not staged, but then what happened? Read on to hear what Kim Kardashian wanted to share!

Kim Kardashian has received massive backlash since ending her marriage to Kris Humphries after only 72 days. With boycotts everywhere, Kim Kardashian was hoping to clear some things up while she was co-hosting Live With Kelly this morning. While on the show, Kim spoke about her failed marriage and said: “I’m such a hopeless romantic. I wanted to believe in something so badly. But if you really think about it, if this was a business decision and I really made all that money that everyone was claiming that we made off this wedding, and if the wedding was fake and just for TV – I’m a smart businesswoman, I would’ve stayed married longer. I really didn’t think following my heart would create this much backlash.”

Elizabeth Smart engaged,to be married in July

Elizabeth Smart, whose kidnapping and survival story has captivated the state and nation, is engaged to be married.And the nuptials of Utah’s semi-celebrity are likely to be the sparkling cider toast — and talk — of the town.The 24-year-old Smart, a senior at BYU, plans to marry in the summer after becoming engaged last weekend, Chris Thomas of Intrepid Communications confirmed Friday.

Thomas declined to identify Smart’s fiance or provide details about how the two met, but wedding registries online at Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn list a July 1 wedding date for an Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour in Utah.Gilmour is from Scotland. The two apparently met while Smart was serving an LDS mission in France last year.Those clamoring for information on whether the blushing bride-to-be will wear her hair up or down, choose lilies or roses for her reception, and if she will say yes to a dress designed by Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier or local designer Maggie Sottero may be disappointed.

Fashion Model Fabiana Semprebom bikini picture

Fabiana Semprebom born May 26, 1984 in Londrina, Parana, Brazil.She is a Brazilian fashion model. She is the daughter of a Brazilian father and an Italian-American mother and she is engaged to Argentinian tennis player Guillermo Ignacio Canas. She is represented by Louisa Models, Supreme, Ford Models (New York/LA), Mega Models (Sao Paulo), 1st Option Model Management (Copenhagen), Women Management (Milan), Ford Models Europe (Paris). She was discovered by an agent from Sao Paulo while she was shopping at a local mall.

Fabiana Semprebom bikini

Model Juliana Martins hot bikini picture

Juliana Martins born on October 3, 1984.She is a Brazilian model. She worked for Sports Illustrated, and contested in the 1997 Elite Model Look. Juliana Martins was labeled the Brazilian Cindy Crawford by John Casablancas when she was thirteen years old .

Juliana Martins hot bikini

Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros hot pictures

Ana Beatriz Barros born 29 May 1982.She is a Brazilian model known for her work with Guess?, bebe, Victoria's Secret, Chanel cosmetics, and Jennifer Lopez's JLO fashion line.Barros was born in a small town of Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to Sônia, a housewife, and Reinato Barros, a mechanical engineer. Later, her family moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she spent her childhood.Barros is of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ancestry and is the youngest of three sisters; Patricia, who is also a well known model,and Malu.

Ana Beatriz Barros hot picture

Model Adriana Lima making men fall in love

Adriana Lima is one of Brazil’s finest exports. Men know her best as one of the elite Victoria’s Secret Angels, an association that has allowed her to participate in many company events such as ritzy runway shows and popular Super Bowl ads for the past decade. The reach of Adriana Lima’s fame has extended beyond the many pop culture branches of the Victoria’s Secret umbrella, allowing her to experiment with other top-line modeling campaigns, runway appearances and acting projects.

Adriana Lima hot Images

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima

Jenelle Evans Arrested for Harassing Ex-Roommate

The Teen Mom 2 star, 20, was arrested Tuesday morning in Brunswick County, North Carolina for "communicating threats" and making "harassing phone calls" to her ex-roommate Hannah Inman.Evans posted a $1,000 bond and was released. Her attorney Dustin Sullivan said these charges against Jenelle are completely absurd and retaliatory in nature."The young mother is already on probation for a 2011 street fight with another woman.

Actress Minka Kelly refused Gyllenhaal’s date offer

The 31-year-old actress split from her long-term boyfriend Derek Jeter last August.She was single when the hunky actor made a play for her a few months later, but was apparently not ready to start a new relationship.“A source claims that Kelly, 31, ‘declined’ an invitation from Gyllenhaal, 31, when he asked her on a date last fall,”.According to the insider, Minka was trying to rekindle her relationship with baseball star Derek when Jake proposed an outing.She decided to focus on her former love, which seems to have been the right more. It’s thought Minka and Derek reunited shortly before the holidays in December as they have been seen together several times.Jake is currently single, although he’s been linked to several women in the past. The star’s relationship with Reese Witherspoon broke down in 2009 and he went on to find love with Taylor Swift.

Egyptian singer Amal Maher comeback

This year is going to be exciting for Amal Maher. Following a successful comeback late last year, there's plenty in store for the Egyptian singer, with a new single and music video out this month and plenty of shows coming up.The 27-year-old first burst on to the music scene in 2006 after making a name for herself in the Egyptian opera circle thanks to her powerful renditions of Umm Kulthoum songs.

Shameless : sister Emma Kenney how to shave her legs

Emmy Rossum says she had some real-life sisterly advice for Emma Kenney, who plays her little sister on the R-rated Showtime series "Shameless."Rossum, 25, told Chelsea Handler on a recent episode of the comedienne's E! talk show "Chelsea Lately" that she taught Kenney, 12, how to shave her legs.

"We have nude scenes so I was in the trailer, shaving my legs before a nude scene and she came in the trailer and I'm in like, you know, pasties and my robe, getting ready for my naked scene and she's like, 'Oh, that's how you ... shaving your legs? I've never done that before' and I was like, 'Yeah, let's do it,'" Rossum said.

"So then, we're lathering her up and she's shaving and of course, when I called my mom when I went home, I was like, 'Yeah, we shaved her legs,' the actress added. "She was like, 'You robbed her mother of that experience. She's becoming a woman. You're taking it away from her.' So I felt terrible."

In "Shameless," a comedy drama, Rossum plays Fiona, a young adult who raises her younger brothers and sister. Their father, played by William H. Macy, is an alcoholic who has let down the impoverished family multiple times, but still spends time with them. He lives with their neighbor, an agoraphobic woman played by Joan Cusack. The children's mother left the family to be with her girlfriend.

Quiet birthday for Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton turns 30 on Monday - but royal fans expecting a lavish birthday bash to mark the milestone will be disappointed.Palace officials say the Duchess of Cambridge's birthday celebration will be a "low-key and private" affair, appearing to quash press reports that she will see off her 20s with a fun '80s themed party, complete with karaoke, in a throwback to her more carefree bachelorette days.

Singer Demi Lovato's dream collaboration is with Eminem

Demi Lovato overcame her demons over the past year with admitted issues which included drugs and alcohol use to "numb" the pain, cutting, and an eating disorder, but now she's ready to put that all behind her and use it to benefit herself and her career.

Fernanda Tavares brazilian sexy model

Fernanda Tavares was born September 22, 1980, in Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil. It was clear early on that the budding brown-eyed brunette would become a certified beauty, and by the age of 9, she was doing smaller gigs in her hometown.Apparently, she won the Elite Look of the Year contest at 13, and was invited by agents to go to Sao Paulo to pursue modeling a year later. Suffice it to say, she hasn't stopped working since.

Brazilian Hot model Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Bergossi Fontana was born on July 4, 1983, in Curitiba, in the Paraná region of Brazil. She has two siblings; brothers Harrison and Heric. By the time she was merely 12 years of age, Isabeli told her mother that she wanted to become a model.In 1996, she was a finalist in an Elite Model Look Contest in São Paulo, and the following year, at the age of only 14, she traveled from her native Brazil to Milan, to start working as a model.

Model Ana Beatriz Barros hot picture

Ana Beatriz Barros was born in Itabira, a tiny town in Brazil, on May 29, 1982. Ana was raised in the cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro after her family moved there.The hazel-eyed beauty was discovered by the director of Elite Model Management while vacationing on the beaches of Brazil. He encouraged her to enter the Elite Look Of The Year contest.

Gisele Bundchen brazilian hot model

Gisele Bundchen, one of two beautiful Bundchen twins, was born and raised in Brazil where   in a twist that would make her future husband smile -- she was substantially more interested in an athletic career than a modeling one. While Gisele Bundchen’s thin, agile frame lent itself well to her preferred sport of volleyball, it also attracted cruel comparisons from her schoolmates to Popeye’s gal pal, Olive Oil, and various local shorebirds. After a stint in a modeling class, Gisele Bundchen would get the last laugh during a 1994 field trip to Sao Paulo where she was approached by modeling reps from Elite. After a second-place finish in the Brazilian installment of the Elite Look of the Year competition in 1995, Gisele Bundchen made the top five in the world version, and left for New York City in 1996.

Beyonce Baby Name: Blue Ivy Carter, Not Ivy Blue

Just one day after Beyonce gave birth, her famous BFF has clarified a major detail online, revealing the correct name of Bey's beautiful newborn daughter.Some sources reported the name one way, while others flipped the little one's first and middle names. But thanks to Gwyneth's Tweet , we know ...

It's Blue Ivy Carter, not Ivy Blue Carter!It's all semantics really. We liked the name Ivy Blue, but Blue Ivy also has a cool, different ring to it. More importantly, she has two very loving, protective parents.Not to mention, she's already one of the most famous celebrity babies of all time.

American actress Emma Stone

Emma Stone will play a novice drug dealer in the upcoming movie Little White Corvette.The 23-year-old landed one of the lead roles in the movie, which is a story about a girl and her brother who travel to Miami to sell a bag of cocaine that their late father left in his car.The project will feature a script by Michael Diliberti. He was also originally set to direct the film, but producers Scott Aversano and Will Russell-Shapiro are looking for another director. The film's script was acquired by GK Films, which has a selection of high-profile movies ready for this year, including Brad Pitt's World War Z, Ben Affleck's Argo, and Tim Burton's Dark Shadows.

Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman rings in 46th birthday

Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman, who celebrated his 46th birthday on Friday, thanked his fans across the world for their good wishes.Rahman said in Twitter page "Hi! This is A.R. and wishing you a very happy 2012. Thank you for all your wishes for my birthday. I won't be in Chennai this time, I am travelling abroad. So thank you for your kind wishes. God bless you all."

The composer has good things to look forward in 2012. He has in his kitty several southern projects like Rana, Yohan: Adhyayam Ondru, Kochadaiyaan and Pookkadai as well as an untitled Hindi movie with Yash Chopra.For now, he is upbeat about a five-city tour of Babelsberg, a German film orchestra, that will perform orchestral interpretations of Rahman's film compositions. The orchestra will be joined by choir members from Rahman's KM Conservatory.

Model Heidi Klum Named Most Dangerous Celebrity in Cyber space

There is no doubt that model Heidi Klum is pretty, sexy and has replaced Cameron Diaz as the most dangerous celebrity to search for on the web, according to the McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities. Piers Morgan is third in case you’re interested.The Internet security company McAfee made the pronouncement after researching popular culture’s most famous people to reveal the riskiest celebrity athletes, musicians, politicians, comedians and Hollywood stars on the web.The study found movie stars and models as the “most dangerous” this year while singers and sports stars are among the safest.

Singer Melanie Amaro reveals small plans for her big winnings

Singer Melanie Amaro won the top prize of $5 million on the singing competition "The X Factor," it became just amatter of time until she started to spend her new-found wealthy wildly. Or perhaps not so much.During an interviewon "Access Hollywood," the 19-year-old says she's looking to spend her oodles of cash on "a foot massager. I thinkthat's ultimately, right now, what I truly, truly want and need."

She explains her spendthrift ways further. "I don't think buying fancy cars, fancy clothes...I don't really find that a'need,'" she says. "I seriously need a foot massager. You see all these really pretty women in like different shows andstuff and they wear all these nice shoes and heels, and it's like, 'Oh my gosh, you look so great,' but inside it's killing her because her feet are hurting. So for me, it's like I wear them and I look great in them...But when you get home,you just wanna put your foot in a foot massager and just take a load off."

That said, Amaro previously told Zap2it that she plans on buying her mom a house with a portion of her winnings.She reiterated that point during her "Access Hollywood" interview."I think my mom deserves a nice house, a big kitchen so she can cook, a nice big bedroom and a big bed," she says.But as for the foot massager, they retail for $279.95 on Amazon. So with her $5 million, Amaro could buy about 18,000 of them.

Bonnie Raitt prepares First album in 7 years

Bonnie Raitt is releasing a new album in 2012, her first in seven years."Slipstream," out April 10, follows a long break from studio work for the Grammy-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member. She lost her parents, her brother and her best friend."I hadn't stopped moving in a very long time, so I really wanted to take a total break and not concentrate on making a new record or what I was going to do next," Raitt said. "So that was really valuable because I waited until I was really ready to come back."

"Slipstream" is the 62-year-old's first album since 2005's "Souls Alike" and will be the first release on her own record label, Redwing Records. The 12-track album will feature four songs recorded with producer Joe Henry and his musicians, which she describes as experimental. The remainder is self-produced with her touring band.She says she's thrilled with the resulting eclectic mix of blues, rock and soul that even includes a dash of reggae and Celtic sounds.

Victoria Gotti vs.Teresa Giudice : New Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed

Would Teresa Giudice have the guts to flip a table on Victoria Gotti? Can supermodel Cheryl Tiegs outlast former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, who is four decades her junior? Who'll face the music first – Clay Aiken or Debbie Gibson? 

Those are just a few of the mouth-watering matchups expected on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, premiering Feb. 12 on NBC,Several of the contestants back in October, but the cast was officially revealed Wednesday. 

"I just think we have a major group of celebrities, and we have a very iconic group," says the show's host, Donald Trump. "This is the best cast we've ever had, the biggest cast, and it's going to be special." Rounding out the group of 18 are former Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, singers Aubrey O'Day and Tia Carrere, model Patricia Velasquez, comedians Lisa Lampanelli, Arsenio Hall and Adam Carolla, George Takei, magician Penn Jillette, Paul Teutul Sr., racecar driver Michael Andretti and rocker Dee Snider.

"We've never seen such a smart and funny group as this year's lineup of celebrities," executive producer Mark Burnett said of the upcoming season. Trump joked on Wednesday's Today show that, in light of her background, it might be difficult telling Victoria Gotti, "You're fired!"

Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville weds in drunken Las Vegas ceremony

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville married her 'best friend' during an alcohol-fuelled New Year's Eve weekend in Las Vegas. The 38-year-old wed Mixed Martial Arts manager Darin Harvey on a whim after a night of 'beers and strippers.But the pair are already planning to have the union annulled.Brandi shared the news of her wild weekend with her Twitter followers on  Sunday.'I'm married again- suuuuuuck it!' she wrote.

She added that Harvey is her 'best friend' and she's now an 'official housewife, for reals.''After some beer and strippers he is now my husband,' she said. 'No joke!'Branding their union 'a drunken BFF thing,' Harvey revealed that relationship will be short lived. 'I had a crazy Vegas moment,' he wrote on Twitter on Sunday. 'Getting annulled tomorrow.'Brandi's sons Mason, 7, and Jake, 4, were holidaying in Aspen with their father Eddie Cibrian, 38, and his new wife LeAnn Rimes, 29.

Aretha Franklin is engaged to longtime friend

Aretha Franklin is engaged to longtime friend William "Willie" Wilkerson.The Grammy-winning singer told AP in a statement on Monday that she and Wilkerson are considering a summer wedding, perhaps in Miami Beach, Florida.The Queen of Soul wants to follow the ceremony with a reception on a private yacht. The 69-year-old jokes: "No, I'm not pregnant."

Cameron Diaz looks rear-ly sexy in teeny bikini

Cameron Diaz The Hollywood actress has been enjoying the holidays in Hawaii and showing off her perfectly toned figure.She looks more like an athlete with those guns and tight buns.

Cameron Diaz 

Cameron Diaz 

The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is one of the giants of soul music, and indeed of American pop as a whole. More than any other performer, she epitomized soul at its most gospel-charged. Her astonishing run of late-'60s hits with Atlantic Records--"Respect," "I Never Loved a Man," "Chain of Fools," "Baby I Love You," "I Say a Little Prayer," "Think," "The House That Jack Built," and several others--earned her the title "Lady Soul," which she has worn uncontested ever since. Yet as much of an international institution as she's become, much of her work--outside of her recordings for Atlantic in the late '60s and early '70s--is erratic and only fitfully inspired, making discretion a necessity when collecting her records.
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