Singer Melanie Amaro reveals small plans for her big winnings

Singer Melanie Amaro won the top prize of $5 million on the singing competition "The X Factor," it became just amatter of time until she started to spend her new-found wealthy wildly. Or perhaps not so much.During an interviewon "Access Hollywood," the 19-year-old says she's looking to spend her oodles of cash on "a foot massager. I thinkthat's ultimately, right now, what I truly, truly want and need."

She explains her spendthrift ways further. "I don't think buying fancy cars, fancy clothes...I don't really find that a'need,'" she says. "I seriously need a foot massager. You see all these really pretty women in like different shows andstuff and they wear all these nice shoes and heels, and it's like, 'Oh my gosh, you look so great,' but inside it's killing her because her feet are hurting. So for me, it's like I wear them and I look great in them...But when you get home,you just wanna put your foot in a foot massager and just take a load off."

That said, Amaro previously told Zap2it that she plans on buying her mom a house with a portion of her winnings.She reiterated that point during her "Access Hollywood" interview."I think my mom deserves a nice house, a big kitchen so she can cook, a nice big bedroom and a big bed," she says.But as for the foot massager, they retail for $279.95 on Amazon. So with her $5 million, Amaro could buy about 18,000 of them.

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