Angelina Jolie Discovers Brad Pitt’s Hidden Love Letters

Angelina Jolie has discovered Brad Pitt’s secret love letters to another woman and she is both humiliated and horrified. Will this prompt the Oscar-winning beauty to cancel her upcoming wedding? Angelina is already very insecure about other women getting close to Brad and this new shock to her fragile ego could really tip her over. We have reported previously that although Angelina successfully stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston, she still forbids Brad to have any contact with his ex-wife.

The current issue of Star has the cover story ‘Brad Humiliates Angelina – his love letters to another woman exposed as the wedding approaches.’ Of course we don’t yet know who this other woman is or how these letters were exposed. Do these letters even exist? Does the other woman? Of course it is tempting to speculate but until we see the print edition we can’t be certain.

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