I'm NOT Pregnant And Stop Calling Me Fat : Snooki

Snooki is calling radishes on a report that she's pregnant -- claiming not only is she NOT pregnant, she's insulted by the insinuation she's fat.The "Jersey Shore" star was leaving the Sirius XM studios in New York moments ago -- where she appeared on the Opie & Anthony radio show -- and a photog flat-out asked the pregnancy rumor was true ... Snooki replied, "NO!"

Worse, Snooki's pissed at the rumor's implication she has gained weight -- claiming, "Why are people calling me fat? That's so rude!" Snooki said she does wanna get pregnant one day though ... when she's married.As for the Opie & Anthony interview (below) -- Snooki said the media outlet that reported the story is just like one of the bullies who terrorized her in high school ... and she has a message for the offender ... "I hate you."
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